Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of Bending Light Magazine. When we first became interested in photography we didn't know much about the process, but once we began developing our own photos and exploring the vast array of photographic talent on the internet we knew that we had found our passion.

Not only do we love taking pictures, but one of our greatest pleasures has been enjoying the creative work of individuals such as yourself. The motivation for this magazine comes directly from the photoblogging community.

We spend so much time perusing your sites and appreciating your photographs that we decided to do something constructive with all those hours of browsing. Hence, BLM was born. It's our hope that this magazine will introduce you to photographers and writers whose work will inspire you.

The theme for this issue is color. Though many creatures have the ability to perceive color, as far as we know humans are the only ones who attach so many varying levels of meaning to it. We don't consciously think about it, but color is at the very core of the human experience.

Many of us have a favorite color, and the sight of certain hues has the power to evoke emotion or conjure memories. Indeed, our response to color is such that some psychologists use color therapy to influence our moods, while advertising executives use it to influence our spending habits. Even our desire for food and the tranquility of our sleep is affected by the hues we see around us. Color is light, light is energy, and this is Bending Light Magazine. We hope you enjoy Issue No. 1.

Ariela and Peter

Issue 1